Don’t Just Throw Garbage Away, Shred Them Away!


Shred the Unwanted Materials

At manufacturing plants, there’s always garbage or leftover materials. While simply tossing them away may be the simplest solution for disposal, shredding these materials is better option.

Here’s why shredding certain materials is a good idea.


Plastic is not so fantastic. Plastic items can release harmful chemicals that can affect both land and sea. It can also poison animals and disrupt food chains.


Certain glass products contain toxins, but the bigger problem with glass is when it breaks. Small pieces of glass can cut the skin, which can lead to infections and illnesses.


While wood does not have major negative effects as the previous two, wood products may take up unnecessary space. These materials can be shredded and used for other purposes.

Before you think of just throwing trash away, think again. Shredding these materials can have a positive effect on both the earth and living creatures. Purchase a shredder from Jersey Crusher Inc. and begin disposing of garbage effectively.

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