Industrial Machines that Help Reduce Material Volume

Break Down Your Materials

Many manufacturing industries have materials that need to be broken down for various reasons. Here are some common machines used in the breaking down of materials:


Industrial shredders are used to reduce the size of materials by shredding them. Materials such as tires, plastics and garbage are shredded to increase floor space, and reduce recycling costs.

Lump Breakers

Lump breakers are used to break down materials. Rather than reducing them to unusable pieces, lump breakers reduce compact or bulky materials into smaller, useable pieces.


A particle-izer is used to reduce materials into tiny particles that are easy to dispose of. It is especially useful for materials such as CDs, toners and cosmetics, which are difficult for conventional reduction applications.

It’s not difficult to reduce or dispose of materials lying around the factory. Purchase a size reduction system from Jersey Crusher Inc. and begin crushing, shredding and breaking down your materials today.

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