Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Shredder

Investing in a Shredder

Shredders are used to break down or reduce the size of materials for manufacturing and recycling purposes. Shredders are not manufactured the same; they have different capacities. As a result, there are different factors to consider before investing in a shredder

Material Being Shredded

One of the most important things to consider is the type of material that will be shredded. Different materials require different blades and power output.


How much material needs to be shredded daily? Always check the shredder’s capacity rating to ensure the machine is not overworked.


Shredders are heavy and can be difficult to move. That’s why you should consider factors such as noise, safety and environmental hazards when finding the right location.

Once you’ve considered these things, you are ready to purchase a shredder. Jersey Crusher, Inc. offers a variety of industrial shredders to select from.

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