Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Shredder

Investing in a Shredder

Shredders are used to break down or reduce the size of materials for manufacturing and recycling purposes. Shredders are not manufactured the same; they have different capacities. As a result, there are different factors to consider before investing in a shredder

Material Being Shredded

One of the most important things to consider is the type of material that will be shredded. Different materials require different blades and power output.


How much material needs to be shredded daily? Always check the shredder’s capacity rating to ensure the machine is not overworked.


Shredders are heavy and can be difficult to move. That’s why you should consider factors such as noise, safety and environmental hazards when finding the right location.

Once you’ve considered these things, you are ready to purchase a shredder. Jersey Crusher, Inc. offers a variety of industrial shredders to select from.

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Industrial Machines that Help Reduce Material Volume

Break Down Your Materials

Many manufacturing industries have materials that need to be broken down for various reasons. Here are some common machines used in the breaking down of materials:


Industrial shredders are used to reduce the size of materials by shredding them. Materials such as tires, plastics and garbage are shredded to increase floor space, and reduce recycling costs.

Lump Breakers

Lump breakers are used to break down materials. Rather than reducing them to unusable pieces, lump breakers reduce compact or bulky materials into smaller, useable pieces.


A particle-izer is used to reduce materials into tiny particles that are easy to dispose of. It is especially useful for materials such as CDs, toners and cosmetics, which are difficult for conventional reduction applications.

It’s not difficult to reduce or dispose of materials lying around the factory. Purchase a size reduction system from Jersey Crusher Inc. and begin crushing, shredding and breaking down your materials today.

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Don’t Just Throw Garbage Away, Shred Them Away!


Shred the Unwanted Materials

At manufacturing plants, there’s always garbage or leftover materials. While simply tossing them away may be the simplest solution for disposal, shredding these materials is better option.

Here’s why shredding certain materials is a good idea.


Plastic is not so fantastic. Plastic items can release harmful chemicals that can affect both land and sea. It can also poison animals and disrupt food chains.


Certain glass products contain toxins, but the bigger problem with glass is when it breaks. Small pieces of glass can cut the skin, which can lead to infections and illnesses.


While wood does not have major negative effects as the previous two, wood products may take up unnecessary space. These materials can be shredded and used for other purposes.

Before you think of just throwing trash away, think again. Shredding these materials can have a positive effect on both the earth and living creatures. Purchase a shredder from Jersey Crusher Inc. and begin disposing of garbage effectively.

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Which Jersey Crusher is Right for You?


Jersey Crushers good for all industrial needs

With so many options, it can be difficult to determine which type of crusher is best for your industry. A good size reduction machine company has many types of crushers to meet your specific industrial need.

Pharmaceutical Materials

Depending on your specific needs, you have many options, but may do well with a particle-izer or lump buster. With so many options, you’ll be sure to find the right one for you.

Softer Materials

For food products, plastic, rubber, and some soft metals, a shredder might be the appropriate size reduction equipment for you.
No matter your bulk process equipment needs, Jersey Crusher can discuss your options and find the equipment that’s right for you. Call 866-904-5924 today.

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Easy Loader for Lump Breaker

1524 Stainless Steel Lump Breaker on a Stainless Steel Stand with a pneumatic cylinder that lifts the hinged loading chute, so that the material slides into the machine for crushing. This dumping system can be used on any of our size machines. This is a very operator friendly machine. Please call for more infomation.1524 SSLB with air

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Pallet Shredder


Do you need a pallet shredder for your broken or scrap pallets? Jersey Crusher offers quality-grade pallet shredders, perfect for helping you shred wood quickly.

hard drive shredder

Typical shredder


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